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Official launching of Vietnam HR Awards 2016

On 29th Mar 2016, Vietnam HR Awards 2016 Season 2 – an award honouring the best people management strategy – has officially returned, creating an exciting playground for enterprises in the field of Human Resource Management. The Vietnam HR Awards 2014 is organised by Talentnet and Newspaper of Labour & Social Affairs, the official publication of the Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs, with the exclusive professional methodology from the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI), the largest non-profit HR organisation in Singapore with 50 years of HR experience.

One of special features of this year’s award is the new prize structure for Vietnamese enterprises, particularly small and medium-sized ones in order to motivate and encourage Vietnamese to be more confident in such a global playground, especially in the context of the AEC and TPP integration. “While the large enterprises need to ensure their stability in such a challenging market, the small and medium-sized enterprises are the country’s economic growth-engine by seizing the opportunities gained from integration.” – Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong, Editor-in-Chief of Newspaper of Labour and Social Affairs, Head of the Organising Committee, shared his ideas on the comprehensiveness of Vietnam HR Awards 2016 – the new playground for SMEs in Vietnam.

Where are more and more opportunities and challenges from the integration, how to be able to “grab” the opportunities posed by the AEC and TPP to become stronger and more confident to protect themselves in the local market as well as the regionals has still remain concerns of enterprises. Obviously, human resources are the most crucial foundation of any businesses to leverage internal capacity in a “well-prepared” position for more proper strategy in the future.

“It is now very clear that integration does not only affect large corporations but also small and medium-sized enterprises: the domestic market will receive more foreign investment which facilitates for well-prepared businesses to seize such opportunities. Therefore, people investment is regarded as the most critical factor for any enterprises to be more ready in the wave of integration. Therefore, we develop the new prize structure for Vietnam SMEs  in order to encourage them to invest in people management, which is the mission not only of large corporations with strong financial background but also of all businesses regardless of any scale”, Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh, General Director of Talentnet Corporation, Deputy Head of the Organising Committee stated. “Vietnamese businesses are able to be qualified to reach regional standards and to be more competitive in local market. Once the Vietnam’s human resource can expand their mindset on learning and applying best management practices and strategy, they will be able to afford the human capital management”.

Key highlights of Vietnam HR Awards:

• Focus on the evaluation and assessment of personnel strategy;
• International methodology;
• Endorsement by the Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs
• Transparency in the judging process;
• Judging panel with in-depth local & regional experience

o Mr. Arnold Chan, General Director of Grow Talent Singapore
o Mr. Colin Blackwell, Chairman of Vietnam Business Forum
o Mr. Edward Foong, General Director of Treino Consulting, Honorary Secretary of SHRI
o Mr. Pham Phu Ngoc Trai, Chairman & CEO of Global Integration Business Consultants (GIBC)
o Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hoa, Deputy Director of Department of Trade and Industry HCMC, Former Chairman of Saigon Co-op
o Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh, General Director of Talentnet Corporation

Benefits for winners:
Opportunity to attend

o Training course on human resources or
o Regional HR conference in Singapore

Vietnam HR Awards 2016 results are expected to be announced in this September. In the spirit of creating a comprehensive learning platform for enterprises to have greater access to the advanced management of human resources, winners of Vietnam HR Awards 2016 will have the opportunity to attend training workshops in Singapore at special fee, along with a series of post-award events, connecting the winners with business associations for further best HR practices sharing and learning.

Vietnam HR Awards 2016 expands the structure for participants as following:
1. “Leading HR practice” prize:
- Number of employees of at least 100
- Financial conditions (latest year):
• Financial institutions: annual total assets of at least VND 11,000 billion
• Other enterprises must have gross: annual sales or turnover of at least 400 billion VND
2. “The Rising Star” prize:
- Vietnamese enterprises
- Other enterprises who are not eligible for “Leading HR Practices”

Application Deadline: 15th May, 2016

Mr. Edward Foong, Honorary Assistant Secretary of SHRI, stated: “We really appreciate of creating the idea of an HR Award in Vietnam. Through the judging process in 2014, we found that though Vietnamese enterprises had certain limitations in professional human resource management, but every business had deployed their own identity in personnel strategy, regarding the nature of domestic culture. Therefore, the mission is to elevate Vietnamese businesses to help them better access to modern HR policy, to well-equip themselves, to solidly improve as well as strengthen their competitive advantages”.

Dang Hong Ky, Director of Mobifone Region2 Services, the only partner in telecommunications accompanying with the award, said: “As a pioneer in mobile telecommunications market in Vietnam, with vision and strategy wrapped in the message «Connect Values – Awaken Potentials», MobiFone has constantly stayed with modern trends, research and application of advanced technologies in order to connect the values and improve life quality of our customers. At the same time, we co-operate with the corporate clients on the path of development and inspiring new possibilities.

Towards the strategic objectives to 2020, MobiFone is focusing on robust investment to create a breakthrough and become a multi-technology corporation across four sectors Mobile – Retail – Television – Multimedia.

With such business strategies, MobiFone always considers human resource development as the key factor of creating competitive advantages and sustainable growth for businesses. Currently, MobiFone is having young and dynamic workforce who are being challenged in a professional working environment and continuous improvement of management methods. Accordingly, to reach the strategic aims, MobiFone’s human resources need to be continuously enhanced in both competencies and knowledge.

Therefore, by accompanying with Vietnam HR Awards 2016, MobiFone is looking for sharing from locals and multinationals of best human resources practices to keep up with the times. In addition, through our products and services, MobiFone also hopes to become a bridge to bring new values and growth opportunities for both businesses and employees.

Ms. Cao Thi Ngoc Dung, General Director of JSC Phu Nhuan Jewelry – PNJ, a strategic sponsor of Vietnam HR Awards 2016, said: “By defining people as a key factor to create the difference and the success of an organization, PNJ has advocated in setting up and operating an appropriate and effective HR system based on internal equality & external competitiveness. Accordingly, the strategic planning policies on human intelligence in the restructuring phase have been comprehensively deployed: compensation & benefits policy which is based on the results of individual KPI shall be strong enough to cope within market fluctuation. Market-based remuneration is essential to attract and retain employees in the competitive landscape. The competency assessment program is conducted periodically in order to better allocate tasks and assign people, fit with the competences and aspirations of each individual; PNJ’s investment in the quality of human resources is very clearly demonstrated through the training and development activities from senior management to staff level. In PNJ, it is not only about “tangible assets” in creating a sustainable community, PNJ also innovate a culture of “PNJ Family”, in which, the employees will be working in a harmonious and people-oriented environment with many opportunities for development. Accompanying Vietnam HR Awards 2016, PNJ wishes to share and summarise lessons learned to build the most relevant and effective strategic HR management systems, thereby elevating employer brand to better attract & nurture talents.”

Talking about the importance of human resource strategy, Mr. Dao Ngoc Thanh, General Director of Vihajico Ecopark – a strategic sponsor of the award, said, “To succeed in developing and managing urban real estate and tourism area more than 500ha, along with future projects, we consider people as the key factor. We have been establishing a human resources management system to create the best working environment for CBVN, to attract and retain talents, especially our young labour force. We also attach importance to the training and development of personnel at all levels for the benefit of each individual and the growth of the business. By accompanying Vietnam HR Awards 2016, we gain sharing and learning from best practices from HR professionals, consultants and also the winners. In addition, by honouring those who make outstanding personnel strategy, we are contributing to people development and human resources management of Vietnam.

Voice from the Organising Committee, Mr. Phong and Ms. Trinh confirmed, the Organising Committee, the Strategic Sponsors as well as the Judging Panel believe that the award will impact to promote Vietnam human resources strategy position in the region as well as worldwide. “We believe this will be a guideline for the management of human resources in Vietnam. Community benefits, and in particular the happiness of the employees is the purpose of Vietnam HR Awards – all for the development of enterprises and Vietnamese employees”, Ms Trinh shared with confidence.



Being the first award of HR strategy in Vietnam, launched in 2014, the award has resonated in the market and gained growing trust in the business community and HR professionals of an award honouring human resource strategy as well as a playground for enterprises and to learn and share HR best practices. Many large corporations had enrolled and were awarded such as: Abbott, AIA, CSC, DHL Express, HSBC, Intel Products Vietnam, Unilever, Samsung, Mobile World, FPT, TCM, etc. To ensure the professionalism and advance, the award inherited from SHRI’s international methodology, in addition to some add-in factors relevant to Vietnam’s market, in order to ensure the transparency of the judging process, awards categories and judging criteria. Last but not least, the judging panel consists of local and regional leading experts specialising on assessing comprehensive personnel policy.

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